Six Hours in Helsinki

Six hours in Helsinki is a dream come true to anyone who loves to eat out in Finland. The capital of Finland is the most beautiful city in the world and it has many beautiful old buildings and museums that are worth visiting. However, eating out can be quite costly in Helsinki, which is why people tend to make do with local restaurants where they can enjoy excellent food at relatively lower prices. The traditional restaurants in Finland are also among the best in the world, so if you want to try some traditional dishes, then you should head out to the cafes in Helsinki and other eating places in the city. The local cuisine is amongst the tastiest in Europe and the chefs often serve the dishes using locally sourced ingredients.

The southern part of the city of Helsinki is home to two of the trendiest shopping districts in Finland. The pedestrianized square known as Suomen kaupenna is a great place to stroll and shop. It has numerous boutiques and fashionable shops that offer everything from designer Aprons to Trendy shoes. There are also many small, friendly cafes that serve delicious coffee and local delicacies during the day.

Restaurant aficionados will love Helsinki because there are many excellent restaurants that offer a variety of international cuisine. The restaurants in the city center are usually very quiet during the evening because the people attending them are all locals. However, in the early afternoon, the cafes and restaurants open up and the atmosphere becomes more relaxed. If you want to spend the evening dining at one of the restaurants in the city center, the best reached places are along the pavement near the railway station exit.

Another way of appreciating the beauty of Helsinki is by taking a walking tour. Many tourists fail to realize how big an area Helsinki is actually. By walking along the main streets of the island you can get a real feel for how the island grew up over time. This tour is not for the faint of heart or those with a fear of crowds. People who have never visited Finland will find that this type of walking tour will be an eye opener. Tour guides in the cities of Turku, Espoo, Keflavik, and Helsinki explain the history of local cuisine and how it is prepared, with great detail and a Wealth of information.

Matkailijoiden on myös harkittava muita vaihtoehtoja kuuden tunnin aikana Helsingissä. Jotkut mieluummin ajavat ympäri saarta katsomaan kaikkia keskustan nähtävyyksiä, kun taas toiset mieluummin bussimatkan saaren poikki. Turistibussit lähtevät Turun, Espoon ja Helsingin kaupunkien lentokentiltä. Jos haluat nähdä kaikki paikat kerralla, ajaminen on luultavasti paras vaihtoehto. Jos sinulla on kuitenkin vain muutama päivä runsaasti aikaa, bussi- tai veneretki saaren yli on erinomainen tapa nauttia koko päivän kulttuurielämyksestä.

Vieraillessaan Suomessa matkailijoiden tulee suunnitella matkareitti huolellisesti. Suomi on pieni maa, jossa on paljon tarjottavaa vierailijoille. Tarjolla on paljon kulttuuritoimintaa ja runsaasti luontoa. Kuusi tuntia Helsingissä antaa matkailijoille mahdollisuuden nähdä kaikki mitä Suomella on tarjottavanaan.